Tincture Technology

More than a tincture, more than an extract, our tinctures are created with special technology that incorporates multiple techniques, utilized singly and alone in other technologies, into one proprietary multi-step (serialized) processing technology. This process, is 100% true alcohol-free and utilizes a glycerin-based extractive medium that retains the full effectiveness and flavor of the herbs.

Multiplex Formulating Approach

The multiplex approach to formulating our tinctures includes: Clinical herbalism and its considerations; Constituent based compatibility factors (including phyto-pharmacognosy); Mineral 'signature' profiles; pH factoring; Organoleptics (i.e tactile, sensory & smell/taste considerations); Herbal energetics (varying physiological effects on tissues - i.e. heat/cold, moist/drying, hardening/ softening, etc.); Palatability (flavor) – since our products are often true to the aroma and taste of a freshly harvested herb.