17 Herbs

Raspberry Leaf

Stinging Nettle Leaf

Eleuthero Root

Alfalfa Leaf

Blessed Thistle Herb

Dong Quai Root

Licorice Root

Meadowsweet Leaf

French Rose Flower

Black Cohosh Root

Chaste Tree Berry

Wild Bergamot Bee Balm Herb

Kelp Thallus

Cramp Bark

Lavender Blossom

Blue Vervain Herb

Motherwort Leaf/Stem



Vegan, Tasty, Easy to Use, Effective, Natural, Non-GMO, Cruelty Free



Alcohol, Artifical Colors, Artifical Flavors, Chemicals, Preservatives, Sugars


Other Ingredients

Purified Water

USP Grade Kosher Certified Glycerin


How To Use

10 Drops Into Mouth or Drink. 1-3 Times a Day. Shake Well.

Wonder Femme™ Hormone Balance Complex, Menopause Hot Flashes Depression Relief

  • Hormone Balance

    Menopause Support

    Hot Flash Relief

    PMS Support


    Anxiety Relief

    Stress Hormones Stabilizer

    Mood Booster

    Immune Support


    #1 BALANCED HORMONE – ONETHEFUEL Wonder Femme is all natural 17 herbal synergy optimum wonder femme hormone balance, highly effective herbal extracts complex. True comfort and balance menopause relief and. PMS symptoms relief supplement hormones stabilizer. A mood booster, helps with depression, stress, anxiety, and discomfort relief.


    100% PLANT-BASED MENOPAUSE SUPPORT - Wonder femme liquid drops has high pure and potent herbs dong quai, vitex (chasteberry), black cohosh root that work to fix the root cause of menopause, help stay cool, hot flashes relief, night sweats cooling and vaginal dryness support. Pure ayurvedic and adaptogens herbal extracts tincture for complete women balance and energy.


    NATURAL VEGAN PMS RELIEF – All natural formula for PMS cramp relief support, period pain and mood swing relief. Helps bloating and stomach discomfort with raspberry leaf, french rose flower, cramp bark. All ages female hormone stages manager and comfort support for menopause, perimenopause, and PMS.


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