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3 Benefits of Nascent Iodine for Overall Health

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3 Benefits of Nascent Iodine for Overall Health

Iodine is considered an essential mineral, and it can be found in everything from seafood to certain types of berries. However, some research indicates that about one in three people doesn't get enough iodine in their daily diet. Cedar Bear’s nascent iodine in supplement form is an easy way to make sure your body gets the iodine it needs. 

First, What Is Nascent Iodine?

Nascent iodine is a form of iodine that is available in a supplemental, consumable form. Regular iodine contains double iodine molecules, which means it is harder for the body to process. On the contrary, nascent iodine is an atomic form of iodine because it is more like a precursor of iodine that converts once it enters the body.

3 Benefits of Nascent Iodine

Iodine is a valuable element for the human body to function properly and by integrating nascent iodine into your wellness plan, you may see a host of benefits simply because your iodine levels stay in a healthy range. Here is a look at some of the wellness benefits of nascent iodine. 

1. Supports Thyroid Function

The thyroid gland, which is responsible for everything from regulating your metabolism to supporting the immune system, is reliant on iodine to perform properly. Iodine is the base mineral used by the thyroid gland to create many of the hormones the gland releases. By supplementing with nascent iodine, you may be offering your thyroid the support it needs to properly function. 

2. Supports Cognitive Function

Delayed cognitive function is one of the most telltale signs that your body is not getting enough iodine. Research has shown that supplementing with iodine may improve cognitive performance with things like understanding concepts and reasoning. 

3. Supports Immune and Metabolic System Functions

The thyroid is highly related to immune system function. By taking nascent iodine, you may support your thyroid, which, in turn, may offer secondary support for the immune system. Likewise, the metabolic system may also benefit from iodine supplements since iodine plays a role in metabolism functions controlled by hormonal secretions by the thyroid. 

Integrate Nascent Iodine into Your Wellness Routine

If you’re not getting enough iodine in your daily nutrition plan, supplementing with nascent iodine can help. At Cedar Bear, we specialize in offering natural herbal supplements in our online supplement store, including nascent iodine. Our Pure Nascent Deep Earth Iodine is formulated with USP grade re-sublimated Iodine, which is deep earth sourced. Try our nascent iodine and 100% alcohol-free liquid herbal supplements to find the ideal agents to add to your daily regimen for optimal health. 

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