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Onethefuel is a women-owned and operated company.

We use all natural and vegan ingredients, primarily Herbal, Adaptogen, and Ayurvedic extracts focusing on liquid supplements.

Our goals are to optimize health and help people be aware of the amazing power of liquid supplements

and array of herbal ingredients for healthier wellness choices.

We are dedicated to bringing quality and wonderful liquid supplements to your life.

About our product manufacturing process



Over a number of decades has developed a number of proprietary and trade secret manufacturing & processing technologies as well as all of our unique and original category defining formula blend recipes. The following list shows those proprietary and trade-secret technologies with the first two being the most used technologies for making our products.

The Difference

We process over three hundred 100% alcohol-free herbs that are inherently gluten-free, FDA inspected in a cGMP compliant facility and operation. Micro-biological screening for contaminants include, but is not limited to: e-coli; coliform; salmonella; and yeast/mold actives. We are Kosher-certified, Halal-compliant, Vegan certified and GMO-free. We have clinically-based in-house stock and/or custom formulas. We are the originators of the first alcohol-free glycerite of stabilized mono-element triiodide of 'Nascent' iodine, still the most stable nascent iodine available, and are an Earth-friendly operation.

Our proprietary glycerite processing technologies are cutting edge and firsts ever in the industry, including being Intrinsically 'steric protected' and very stable, no refrigeration necessary, even after opening, low REDOX, and preservative and additive-free Liquids are concentrated, potent, highly absorbable and efficiently bio-utilized products.

Our specialty formulas lines, such as children's, pets, and equine herbal products, mixes well with juices, energy drinks/shots and other products. We offer limited offerings of products containing nutraceuticals that tastes great.

Tincture Process 

First developed over 35+ years ago a clinical & formulary herbalist of many decades, its kind ever serialized multi-step manufacturing process for totally alcohol-free liquid herbs using glycerin instead of alcohol. The tincture process is now entering its 11th generation of proprietary improvements and enhancements, evidenced by the stronger, more potent and higher quality products than of earlier generational iterations


All Products are great tasting, potent, effective, non-toxic, and 100% alcohol-free, (and they're free of additional sweeteners, colors, flavors, dairy-free, GMO-free, and gluten-free) from start to finish.

Original and innovative liquid herbal formulas are developed utilizing a multiplex approach that includes but is not limited to: phyto pharmacognosy; phytopharmacology; clinical herbalism; applied alchemy; pH factoring; mineral signatures; the intrinsic 'energetic' qualities of herbs, etc. And FDA cGMP inspected, Kosher certified, Halal compliant and Vegan certified, maintaining a clean and modern facility whose operations are well documented.

Why use alcohol to extract something if that something is negatively altered by alcohol? We learned many years ago that ethanol alcohol denatures and renders many of an herb's properties inert. We don't use alcohol, ever! That also assures our products meet Halal dietary standards and are totally Gluten-Free!

Our liquid herbs taste remarkably like the 'fresh' harvested botanical itself. Our products retains an herbs primary, secondary and tertiary compounds in their ratio/synergy-intact state, indicated by the true-to-herb taste of our finished products.

The technology incorporates multiple techniques, utilized singly and alone in other technologies, into one proprietary multi-step (serialized) processing technology. The process is 100% true alcohol-free and utilizes a glycerin-based extractive medium that retains the full effectiveness and flavor of the herbs.


Multiplex Formulating Approach

Our multiplex approach to formulating herbal products includes: Clinical herbalism and its considerations; Constituent based compatibility factors (including phyto-pharmacognosy); Mineral 'signature' profiles; pH factoring; Organoleptics (i.e tactile, sensory & smell/taste considerations); Herbal energetics (varying physiological effects on tissues - i.e. heat/cold, moist/drying, hardening/ softening, etc.); Palatability (flavor) – since our products are often true to the aroma and taste of a freshly harvested herb.

The Process Summarized

•Stabilize the raw material so that it is in a state that it can be submitted to a liquid process.

•Process to extract the heat sensitive components.

•Process to extract the harder to extract compounds

•Clarifying process that removes the compounds that are tightly bound in the cellulose matrix of the plant material


Our proprietary serialized processing technology starts out with stabilizing the intrinsic biological activity of a botanical's constituents to stop REDOX activity so that the raw botanical can be effectively and thoroughly liquid processed.

A low impact process that varies as to number of days or weeks (depending on the herb or herb part used) extracts the heat sensitive constituents and preserves their biological viability, including enzyme potential, vitamins/co-factors, fragile high note aromatics and the important subtle energetic profiles unique to each herb.


A dynamic extractive step removes and captures heavier aromatic components, resinoids, oleoresins, high density polysaccharides, sterols (lipids and waxes), etc., all in their synergistic ratio-intact poly-constituent state.

The herb is subject to clarification that concentrates trace compounds and bitter elements that are hardest to remove from a plant's cellulosic and protein fixed matrix structure.


Our multi-step process is time-consuming and extracts more of an herb's Individual primary, secondary and tertiary compounds, and allows us to create a stable single finished ingredient and add it to a complex formula or other products later.

The  process is referred to as a 'Ratio-Intact Synergy Sparing Poly-Constituent' based process that aims for ratios of an herb's constituents to remain intact in the final product. This is the basis and practice of 'traditional' herbalism at its best!

Glycerin Versus Alcohol

Regarding safety and purity of a liquid herbal product, Glycerin possesses a bacteriostatic action (i.e. deprives bacteria/spores of moisture – dehydrates them) that has a sterile effect without denaturing or rendering other compounds inert. Glycerin possesses no denaturing or inert rendering properties like ethanol alcohol possesses. Our high glycerin-to-water extractive bases possess unique microencapsulating qualities that encapsulate many extracted constituents and compounds in the glycerin/water matrix. This reduces ingredient inversion and precipitation, arrests components chemically complexifying and retards REDOX (i.e. Reducto-Oxidative reactions), resulting in a remarkably stable product.

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