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Herbal Supplements to Support Healthy Blood Sugar Levels

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Herbal Supplements to Support Healthy Blood Sugar Levels
Have you been browsing our online supplement store looking for herbal supplements that will support healthy blood sugar levels? If so, you really do have a lot of options. Blood glucose levels spike when your body is not processing sugar the way it should or you take in too much sugar. Here is a look at some of the best herbal supplements to support healthy blood sugar levels. 

Bitter Melon Fruit
Bitter melon fruit is a member of the gourd family, but this unusual-looking fruit contains nutrients like vitamins C and A, zinc, and folate. The fruit has been known among many indigenous cultures for its ability to support stable blood sugar levels. 

Cinnamon Bark
Cinnamon, the beloved "feel-good" spice, just comes from the bark of a tree, Cinnamomum, so cinnamon bark is essentially just cinnamon. Cinnamon bark contains a compound known as cinnamaldehyde supports blood sugar levels. 

Prickly Pear
Prickly pear is a type of fruit that grows on the flat cacti of the Opuntia cacti genus. One full cup of prickly pear fruit yields only 13 calories, but also calcium, a healthy dose of protein, and vitamin K, which can be hard to find. Beyond its nutritive value, prickly pear contains an impressive collection of antioxidants and is beneficial in stabilizing blood sugar. 

Gymnema Leaf
Gymnema sylvestre is a shrub that can be found growing natively in the tropical climates of Australia, India, and Africa. The leaves of this shrub have been used throughout history, and some evidence suggests the herb slows sugar absorption. Oddly enough, the herb also contains gymnemic acid, which suppresses the sweetness of foods you eat. When you take Gymnema leaf before eating something sugary, the extract blocks the sugar-sensing receptors found on the tongue. 

Fenugreek Seed
Fenugreek is a plant that looks a lot like clover, but this plant is more native to Mediterranean regions, and the seeds are the most prized component in the plant. Fenugreek seed holds fiber, which is thought to be relative to the herb's ability to support good blood sugar levels when eaten whole. However, the herb also seems to offer support for blood sugar levels when taken in powder form. 

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