14 Herbs

Kava Kava Root

California Poppy Flower

Catnip Leaf

Chamomile Flower

Hops Flower

Passionflower Leaf

Skullcup Herb

Schisandra Berry

Anise Seed

Licorice Root

Spearmint Leaf

Horsetail Herb

French Rose Flower

Ashwagandha Root



Vegan, Tasty, Easy to Use, Effective, Natural, Non-GMO, Cruelty Free



Alcohol, Artifical Colors, Artifical Flavors, Chemicals, Preservatives, Sugars


Other Ingredients

Purified Water

USP Grade Kosher Certified Glycerin


How To Use

10 Drops Into Mouth or Drink. 1-3 Times a Day. Shake Well.

Super Calm™ Anti Anxiety Stress Depression Insomnia Relief +Sleep Aid

  • Nerve Support



    Insomnia Relief

    Sleep Aid

    Restlessness Relief

    Soothe Tension

    ALL NATURAL SUPER CALM COMPLEX - 100% natural 14-in-1 herbal tincture extract liquid drops. High potent calming relief. Nerve renew tonic, nerve pain relief, body and mental nervous system support supplement. California poppy flower & chamomile, hops flower to anxiety reducer zen supplement.


    ANTI-ANXIETY BODY + MENTAL RELAX - Adaptogens kava kava, passionflower helps relax muscles and relieve tension from the central nervous system to the whole body. Natural zen energy, anti-anxiety relief, digestion optimizer and upset stomach relief supplement.


    VEGAN SLEEP AID + INSOMNIA RELIEF - Herb catnip leaf helps restlessness and nervousness support. Chamomile, hops flower, and skullcap when taken at night, natural vegan sleep aids support. Helps against insomnia. Adaptogens such as schisandra berry help fatigue stress hormones relief. High bioavailability calm support liquid drops.


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